Our Lenses

Our Lenses

WINNERS OPTICAL offers you the most advanced design and quality of lenses, at a fraction of the cost.

We make our lenses in our multi-million dollar lab facilities with the most advanced machinery.

The outcome is the most advanced line-up of lenses that you will find anywhere in the world.

Our lenses will prevent eye fatigue, and will give you the best vision you can have compared to any other prescription lens out there. Less eye fatigue, and eye strain means less chances of your eyes needing prescription changes.

Our Lenses are Freeform High Definition (HD) Lenses, Personalized according to your Needs.

Precise and Accurate production of lenses to meet your individual specific needs have to consider many factors. For example think how each frame sits differently on your face, or how each frame is shaped differently. Some are more wrapped around your face, and some are more straight. And how about how the frame tilts the lenses. As each of us have a different face shape, different frames sit differently on our face, resulting in different distances between your eyes and the lens. As such, lenses with the same prescription built throughout the lens will not give you optimal vision from all sides of the lens. Our lenses are designed such that a minor prescription changes are built, every 0.01mm, onto the lens surface, accommodating for the lens distance from your eye. This technology will provide you with optimal vision from every viewing angle of the lens.

Our sophisticated Lens manufacturing designs, consider all these parameter changes, and produce for you, lenses that are fit for you, considering your face shape and frame shape.

Once lenses are produced, best quality coating layers are applied to each lens. This is a long and time consuming process, as best results can only be achieved with proper spraying and drying times. Quick coatings that are enforced with quick drying times and high temperatures, such as what is offered in 1 hour service labs (dried in a microwave), can result in low quality coatings. Such coatings do not perform well and crack and peel off a short while after you purchase them. Microscopic spiderweb cracks produce distortions and result in eye strains, headaches, and prescription change.

WINNERS OPTICAL exclusive lenses are manufactured according to the highest industry standards. Manufacturing high quality lenses require the use of large, and sophisticated machinery. That is why we do not offer 1 hour services out of our retail locations.



All our lenses manufactured include the following coatings. Should you not want any of the coatings, you will need to leave us a note during the checkout process.



Digital (1.56) &

Advanced (1.61)

Luxury (1.67) Ultimate (1.74) Safety (PolyCarb)
Material Strength Strong Strong Strong Strongest
Thickness Thin Thinner Thinnest Thinner
Weight Light Lighter Lightest Lighter
Impact Resistant / Hard Coat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Made According To Each Eye Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Made According To Face Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Made According to Frame Parameters Yes Yes Yes Yes
WO Elite Hard Coat Layers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scratch Resistance / Hard Coat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Anti-Reflection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Glare Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Clean / Smudge Resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Definition (HD Manufactured) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Fog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Static Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hydrophobic (Water Repellent) Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV Protection Coating Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oleophobic Yes Yes Yes Yes
LED Blue Coating / Anti-Radiation Filter Optional Optional Optional Optional




Once all the above coatings are applied, the result is a superb lens that is durable, provides superb vision, and protects your eyes from the many elements of the environment.


The Following shows the multi-layered coating process applied by our complex machinery.

And Last, we like to introduce to you the Blue Blocking Lens material we manufacture specifically to protect your eyes from the harmful radiations of the Blue Light.

As most optical stores and labs only apply a blue blocking coating to their lenses, we have gone a step further, and have built Blue Blocking molecules in the lens material itself. This gives a wider range of protection to your eyes against a larger spectrum of the Blue Lights.

So When We say that we manufacture the Best Quality Lenses in the Industry, we mean it. Best Quality Lenses Means Superb Vision for You, Better than any other Lenses in the Market.


Below, read more about our lenses and why they are more advanced and superior to any other lens design out there,

1. Three-dimensional eye-lens modeling: Taking into account all the wearer parameters WINNERS OPTICAL creates a three-dimensional eye-lens model. Some of these parameters are:

- Distance between eye and lens (Vertex distance)
- Centre of the lens in respect to the pupil
- Pantoscopic angle
- Wrapping angle
- Rotation axis of the eye


2. Visual axes calculation into the object-space:

Not all the light rays come into contact with the fovea. The light rays which provide us of a good visual quality are the ones which incite onto the retina. For this reason it is essential to calculate the correct visual axes at every gaze viewing direction.




3. Construction of an object-space that simulates the range of aiming distances:

Based on the progression profile, an object-space is constructed to recreate the visual needs of each wearer. Depending on the life style and other custom parameters the resulting object-space could be different. For example, when constructing an object-space specially developed for lenses which are going to be used in indoor environments the near and intermediate zones will be more important than when constructing an object-space for an outdoor lens, which will have a more important far region.







4. Power calculation for each direction of looking and for each assigned object distance:

Once the object-space has been created, the eye-lens system has been defined, and a grid of viewing directions has been determined, it is the time for making the power calculation. The calculation of the power at each point on the lens requires the set up of the optical system and the environment. Digital Path technology calculates the power at each point on the lens, making a totally customized lens that will provide the power needed by each wearer, at any sight direction.

5. Optimization system, making the best adapted lens:

This is the last step in the calculation of a free-form design along the previous steps; the framework for computing lens power at custom conditions has been established. Besides the custom parameters, the local power depends on the coefficients defining the free-form surface. This last process seeks for the set of surface parameters that better match the required optical rules. It optimizes the original seed surface until turning it into the wished design. This process takes into account all the wearer parameters and as a result calculates a unique lens surface totally customized to each wearers needs. This process involves two basic optimizations:

- Astigmatism optimization
- Power optimization


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