Mobile Opticians

Shop online then book an appointment with one of our licensed opticians who will visit you in your home or office.
Our opticians will:
  • Take all your measurements (PD, Tilt, Wrap, Vertex Distance and other measurements needed for progressive lenses)
  • Adjust your frames to sit perfectly on your face
  • Carry with them over 100 other frames which you can also choose from

Once the mobile optician visits you, all your measurements will be added to your account permanently, as your face bones, ear position, and the pupil distance between your eyes does not change throughout our life. All this information is entered into your ONEDATA account.

So any time you shop online, we would have all your measurements automatically, and would process your order according to your ONEDATA information.  

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*** Now Hiring Mobile Opticians

Many areas available. To apply please send us your resume to



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