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How can we defeat COVID-19?

  • This Virus is Deadly. Both Young and Old are dying. Don’t think if you are young and healthy you will not get sick or die.

  • The only way to stop it is we all self quarantine for at least 3 weeks.

  • Don’t forget worldwide infection started from one person. Even if one person stays sick or is a carrier (looks healthy), worldwide infection can easily happen very quickly again.

Conclusion: The only way to stop this virus is if we test every single person living on planet earth and segregate the sick from the healthy.


Who Should be a suspect of carrying the Virus (COVID-19)?

  • Be suspicious of every single person, including your Opticians, Optometrists, and even Delivery Drivers (even if they tell you they are healthy and have no symptoms).

  • Be suspicious of even your closest relatives. Of course, their intention is not to get you sick, but unfortunately they could be carrying the virus without them knowing it.

  • Avoid home visits by your local Opticians and Optometrists, as they could be the source of the virus spreading.

  • The Colleges of Opticians and Optometrists have ordered all Opticians and Optometrists to stop working (unless it's an emergency) and having any contact with Customers and Patients. Any Optician or Optometrist breaking the rules should be reported to the colleges of Opticians and Optometrists. Only in Urgent situations the Optometrists will see patients (following complete sterility protocols).

Conclusion: Stay away from everyone, including your relatives, your Opticians, your Optometrists.


How is the Virus Spreading?

  • As of today, we have been advised that the virus is expelled from the infected person and sits on surfaces. When a healthy person touches the virus and touches their face (Mouth / Eyes), the virus enters their body.

  • There is no guarantee that the virus is not airborne, and this theory is still under investigation. So anytime you step outside your house, make sure you wear a mask.

  • Every surface you touch could be contaminated. This includes anything you order online, as people in the manufacturing/production lines could have the virus. Without them knowing, they are shedding the virus on manufactured goods.

Conclusion: Wear full protection gear (Gloves, Face Mask) anytime you must step outside your house (for food or basic necessities). When you return home, decontaminate everything you have purchased. Dispose of the gloves and the facemask you just used. Wash all your clothes immediately. Decontaminate your shoes.


How long is this pandemic going to last?

  • It is going to be impossible to convince every person on planet earth to self quarantine for 3 entire weeks.

  • Many people look healthy but carry the virus and are shedding it in communities.

  • Many countries in the world do not have the capacity to test their entire population.

  • Some people just don’t care and think they are young and healthy, and even if they get sick, they will recover in 2 weeks. Hence, they go on about their daily lives, not taking any precautions not to get infected and not infecting others.

Conclusion: Plan for spikes for the next one year, until a successful vaccine is manufactured in large enough numbers that masses can be vaccinated.


What are our needs?

  • We all have basic needs: Food, Medications, Cleaning Products

  • We all worry about paying our bills. For now, try to focus more on how you can use your governments help to just be able to buy the basic things you need (Food, Medications).

  • We all have to help each other socially, mentally, and emotionally. Self quarantine for 3 weeks or perhaps longer is going to take a toll on our physical and mental health. Try to work (from home), learn (online Schools), stay active (online gyms), Socialize (connect with your friends and family), and participate in any other activity through your technology. Don’t leave your house unless you absolutely have to.

Conclusion: Focus on stopping the spread of the virus.


How can we all help each other?

  • Again, stay home and do NOT go outside.

  • Do not allow anyone (even relatives and friends) to come visit you.

  • Work from home if you can.

  • Only purchase Foods, Goods, from SterileR Manufacturing / Distribution or Retail facilities.

Conclusion: Behave Smart and Shop Smart. This is our only chance of defeating this virus.



What are SterileR authorized facilities (Manufacturing / Distribution / Retail)?

  • These are facilities that make maximum effort to avoid human contact during production/distribution/retail of goods in order to avoid contamination from humans, through automation.

  • These facilities Decontaminate products during the manufacturing process, packaging, and before shipment to customers.

  • These facilities Monitor their staff’s health and assure their well being before staff are allowed to work to handle products during production / packaging and before shipping.

 Conclusion: While products are SterileR , the outside of their packaging do not stay SterileR during the shipping process. Make sure you wipe the outside of the boxes you receive with Alcohol or Bleach.


What has WINNERS OPTICAL done to implement the SterileR processing of your orders?

  • We have closed our Retail store entirely. But we understand your needs for reliable access to safe and high quality glasses and contact lenses. We are now only processing orders in our Labs.

  • We are only taking orders online. In order to accommodate your needs, you can also use your Health Benefits to place an order online and pay Zero dollars ($0) from your pocket.

  • We have implemented processing lines where raw materials, manufactured and received frames (glasses and sunglasses), and Prescription lenses before and after production, are all decontaminated using bleach, alcohol, and UV lights.

  • Our staff allowed to process your orders are required to follow strict quarantine protocols where they are required to only travel between their homes and work following safe travel protocols, and go through the decontamination of their clothing, shoes, and extensive hand washing protocols.

  • Our staff have been screened to assure they are not the carriers of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Every order goes through extensive and lengthy sterilization steps, in specialized UV machinery before and after packaging.


How to Order Online?

  • Go to our website:

  • Pick the Frame and Prescription Lens Package you need.

  • Upload Your Prescription (just take a picture and upload), or enter it manually, or leave us a note about which optometrist office to contact to get your prescription (most optometrist offices still work and operate from home)

  • The last piece of information we need from you is your PD (Pupillary Distance). This is usually measured by your local optician. Refer to our FAQ section of our website in order to learn how to measure your own PD. In order to allow you to accurately measure your PD, we are selling digital PD meters on our website. Just search for the product “PD Meter” on our website. We will try to ship you the PD Meter as soon as we can (While quantities last) so you can send us your accurate PD reading. You can use the PD Meter for many years to come.

  • You can also ship us your old/broken pair of glasses/sunglasses, and we can take your prescription and PD readings from your old pair of glasses. Please ship us your old/broken pair of glasses to: 35 Harwood Ave. South, Ajax, ON, Canada, L1S 2B8


Using your Insurance Coverage (Health Benefits Spending):

If you are planning to use your health benefits to purchase your new pair of Glasses, you have two options:


  1. Pay for your order and then download a PDF copy of your invoice from your account information page. Submit that invoice to your insurance company to be reimbursed for your purchase. We are an authorized retailer with all insurance companies throughout Canada and the USA.


  1. For all Canadian Customers, we can submit your purchase amount directly to your health benefits provider. Just enter Coupon Code “Insurance” during checkout in order to zero ($0) the amount you have to pay for your order. Once we receive your order, we will submit your order directly to your insurance company, and once we get reimbursed from your insurance company, we will process and ship your orders. Please allow enough time for us to receive payment from your health benefits provider and enough time to manufacture and ship out your orders.


We are in the process of direct submissions to insurance companies within across the USA. A notification will be posted on our website as soon as this option becomes available to all of our USA customers.

Stay strong, and hopeful. We can all beat this virus if we all act responsibly.


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