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Comprehensive Eye Exams are key in detecting early signs of disease and saving ones life. Even with good eye sight and no symptoms, one can develop diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Cancers of the Eyes and Optical Nerves.

We often say these diseases are for someone else, and we will never develop any of these diseases. However, we have had patients at very early age developing disease, or in danger of losing vision due to impacts to the head and face (ie. soccer or basketball), and as a result of sports injuries. Our trained staff and doctors have been able to detect and save their vision, preventing them from years of suffering due to low or no vision.

With our high Tech diagnostic imaging equipment we can detect even a tiny spot in a blood vessel during the Eye Exam, which could be a sign of a tumor or injury, that can cause a stroke.

We spare no effort or expense in order to provide the most advanced eye exam service for our clients.

Our staff go through an extensive training and learning process in order to understand and provide the best comprehensive examination at our clinics.

Our clients are not numbers. Our goal is not to just do a quick refraction test and provide our patients with a prescription for getting glasses. Our experience has shown that many minorities specifically were not given a complete comprehensive eye exam. We are here to change that and have dedicated our staff and our clinics to provide the ultimate health check of every one of our patients eyes.

What is it like to work for Winners Optical / Harwood Optometric Clinic?
Training and full understanding of our clinical tasks are key to meeting our patients needs. You may start with zero knowledge about the world of optics. But no need to worry. Our trained staff will very quickly bring you up to speed. You will learn the science of optics as well as every skill needed to provide utmost patient experience. Complete knowledge and hands-on training will provide you with complete confidence to perform and feel satisfied helping our patients.

We take our day to day work very seriously, but also love to greet our team members every morning, make a big pot of coffee, share our pet stories, laugh, drink a vitality drink from our juice bar, and even do a 10 minute Yoga stretch before we start.

Teamwork is our daily, and minute by minute obsession. We treat each other like family and will go above and beyond to help other team members when they need us the most. Team members are always there to assist you, should you become very busy and overwhelmed, or to cover you, should you need to rush out to a doctors appointment.

We love our jobs, as we feel fulfilled helping our patients, whether it's the elderly, or the little children getting their first pair of glasses to help them see the blackboards in their school classrooms better.

What sort of Benefits and Perks does Winners Optical / Harwood Optometric Clinic offer? 

Every Team member is very important. You will be offered all or some of the following benefits: 1. free meal plan (daily lunch) 2. daily commute expense coverage (your gas expense to and from work) 3. health and vision coverage. 4. RRSP match 

Which Charity Organization do we support?
World Prosperity Organization (WPO) is our top pick, and aligns with our vision. With products sold at our store, from which a portion goes towards this charitable organization, we hope to one day have a prosperous world for us all. Visit for more info.

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