Optometry Clinic

Optometry Clinic
WINNERS OPTICAL AND HARWOOD EYE CLINIC are committed to giving you a comprehensive eye exam:

 To give you a comprehensive eye exam, no effort is compromised in all these 3 areas :

1. No expense is evaded in upgrading our Optometry office with the best Technology and most advanced Optical Machinery and Diagnostic Equipment. Cutting Edge technology allows us to detect health issues within your eyes way in advance. The Power of Digital Imaging Slit Lamps, Visual Field Scans, Optical Coherence Tomography (which is like the MRI of the eyes), and Fundus Camera Imaging of the back layers of your eyes, do provide us plenty of advanced information about the health of your eyes.

 2. Introducing to you Dr. Osama Farag.

Doctor Osama Farag Optometrist

Doctor Farag was born in Egypt and graduated from the faculty of medicine at Cairo University in 1990.
During his studies, he was very interested in eye diseases. After graduation he decided to take his specialty in Ophthalmology and received his master’s degree in 1998. Doctor Farag also obtained a certificate in international counsel of Ophthalmology in 2003. His diploma of fellowship in ophthalmology was given to him at College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glascow by 2005. Doctor Farag
immigrated to Canada in 2009 where he shifted his career into Optometry. He completed the bridging program for optometry and was licensed in 2010.

Harwood eye clinic is fully equipped with digital refractive equipment, OCT/retinal imaging and visual field testing.

At Harwood eye clinic we offer the following:
 Full comprehensive refractive and medical health exams.
 Monitoring diabetic patients by annual exam to detect changes in the retina.
 Diagnosis and monitoring of ocular diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and any retinal pathology. Referral to a specialist can be made when surgery or further management is required.
 Co-management for all refractive surgeries.
 Diagnosis and management of some external ocular diseases or infections.

3. Our Team of Opticians and Support Technicians create a warm and welcoming environment to Educate you on your new prescription, and give you  advice and support during and after your comprehensive eye exam. 





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